GET ACQUAINTED - Elaborate on what you find most difficult, rewarding, or satisfying about following Christ.


        From the beginning of manís creation we find that there is a voice contradicting God's.

What is the essence of the serpent's words (Gen.3:1-5)?


What is the key to the principle for interpreting the events and circumstances of our lives?

Can the serpent's deception be thought of as misdirection and if so, why?




What are some of the implications underlying the serpent's words?




Was the outcome of eating the fruit what the serpent said it would be and what Adam and Eve thought it would be?Explain.



What was the universal outcome of Adam's transgression (Rom.5:12, 14, 18a, 19a; 1 Cor.15:21a, 22a)?




Write out and consider Jn.8:44-45.




        Besides the voice of the devil, there is now after the fall of man, a second voice arising out of the heart of man.It too is deceptive and speaks (rationalizes) always against the truth (Gen.6:5; Jer.17:9).

What insight does Gen.4:7b and associated text reveal about the way temptation operates?



Explain the process by which temptation to sin works (Jas.1:13-17).




        The New Testament begins much the same as the Old, with the temptation of the new Adam (1 Cor.15:45, 47).The devil is called the tempter in Mt.4:3, and comes by design (v.1) to tempt Jesus.The word "tempt" in all its forms refers to a stressing by test or trial to either prove one's mettle or cause one to stumble, fail, sin - depending on the intent of the tester.

Read Lk.4:1-13 and comment on v.13.




Comment on Mt.18:7.



In what other ways was Jesus tempted (Mk.8:33; Heb.2:14-15, 17-18; 4:15; 5:7-9)?


Read the parable of the sower in Mt.13 and comment on the different aspects of temptation.



Comment on the subject of trials in Job.


        Satan breaks us down and discourages us by working both ends: first he incites us to sin [1 Chr.21:1, incited David to number Israel]; then he accuses us for it [devil means accuser] (Zech 3:1-2; Col.2:13b-15; Rev.12:7-10).

Write observations and glean help from the following passages and surrounding text for the times you are tempted.1 Jn.2:14b & 1 Jn.2:15-17




Jas.4:1-10 & 13-17




1 Pt.5:6-9




1 Cor.10:12-13















Summarize Heb.12:2-15.